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Cedar Fort, Inc. which is the owner of CFI, Horizon Publishers, Pioneer Plus, Bonneville Books, Council Press, and Sweetwater Books, is a publishing company. We distribute our products to many places such as: Deseret Book, Seagull Book, Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, and more. Cedar Fort, Inc. is located in Springville, UT. You can purchase items online at www.cedarfort.com or at our warehouse located in springville. Our purpose is to publish books that make a difference. We publish many LDS books, as well as non LDS books.

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Cedar Fort, Inc.

It is the mission of Cedar Fort, Inc. to gather life-enriching, edifying and enhancing material in book, tape, electronic, film or any other medium and convey it to consumers through retail outlets in the most professional and friendly manner.
In ancient times, the Cedars of Lebanon were the honored trees that stood as pillars in the temple of Solomon. To guard against evil spirits, early American people wore pieces of cedar in medicine bags around their necks, or placed cedar above the doors of their houses. Even today we keep many of our precious material treasures in cedar chests and jewelry boxes made of cedar.
It is not only the durability and solidity of cedar that describes our business vision, it is also the "ether" or "ethereal," expressed in the spiritual essence of past legends that echoes in our name. A cedar fort is a stronghold with a lookout. Our Cedar Fort not only provides protection, but offers a venue for those who wish to stand firm, yet cast about for new ways to learn, new ideas to discover, and new ways of expressing old ideas of lasting value. This is the vision that shapes our future.
As we look toward the days ahead we incorporate a pragmatic sense of the real business world while we appreciate an intuitive and spiritual sense of value. The combining of these attributes of cedar describes our intent to build a strong business entity to benefit ourselves, our customers, and our readers.

Cedar Fort, Inc. has built a solid catalog of uplifting fiction and non-fiction books that are known across the globe. The company continues to seek ways to serve better. This includes improved production values and internet access. CFI's staff continues to grow with many talented people.
Early Beginnings
CFI was founded in May 1986 and initially produced LDS Books for other publishers as an LDS book printer broker. Then founder Lyle Mortimer seized the opportunity to distribute LDS books and other items. In September 1987 the company released its first publication, "Beyond the Veil" by Lee Nelson, the very successful author of the "Storm Testament" series. The book became an immediate bestseller and led to the creation of the "Beyond the Veil" series, which has sold more than 250,000 books.
Other bestsellers soon followed, such as "The Worth of a Soul" and "Putting on the Armor of God" by Steven Cramer. Decades after their release, these books remain perennial sellers.
"In the World" but not "Of the World"
CFI searches for and produces life-enriching, edifying and enhancing LDS Books geared to the Latter-day Saint market, in any form, and the company has been very successful in this pursuit. One of its books, "When Angels Intervene" by Hartt Wixom, was turned into a major network TV movie by CBS. CFI also sold "Life Before Life" to Simon and Schuster.  In recent years the company has published several highly acclaimed novels and continues to branch out into the world beyond the LDS book market, both in the traditional manner and on the internet and alternative markets.
CFI Merger
Following discussions for 11 years, Lee Nelson's Council Press and Cedar Fort, Inc., finally merged in April 1998. Lee had spent the previous four years creating a lucrative business out of his rodeo hobby, but Lee knew it was time to get back to his life mission. He says, "I am, was and always will be a writer. That's what my patriarchal blessing says, which I received from an old German patriarch while on my mission."
Lee wanted the support of a team behind his work and has also long felt that if his stories were good enough for the Latter-day Saint market, they were good enough for others. With new vigor, and with Lyle "cracking the whip," Lee completed "The Black Hawk Journey" and "the Ephraim Chronicles," two exciting novels in the vein of his previous novels. Lee continues to write two to three books per year.
Lee recently traveled to Mongolia to study the life of Genghis Khan, his next project. "He was just such a phenomenal character," Lee says. "How could a boy exiled to death at age 12 from a village of 200, become the founder of the largest dynasty in history? I'm determined to find his secrets and write them."
Lee has one of the brightest marketing minds of our generation. Most people don't know that after being laid off as a copywriter for Ford Motor Company, Lee ran a very successful Dodge dealership for several years. "Lee just has an uncanny sense of knowing what will trigger people," Lyle said.
CFI Acquires Horizon Publishers
Cedar Fort, Incorporated (Springville, Utah) purchased Horizon Publishers, an LDS book publisher. (Bountiful, Utah) on May 1, 2004.
Horizon's outdoor, cooking, stitchery, LDS books, and music product lines expanded Cedar Fort's book offerings significantly. According to Cedar Fort CEO Lyle Mortimer, "We've long admired the quality of these new Horizon lines, and we're excited to be able to bring them to our customers."
Horizon owners Duane and Jean D. Crowther published books for nearly 40 years in the LDS Books arena and are excited to continue in a publishing relationship that will give them more time for editing and writing projects; they will publish their future works with Cedar Fort. According to Mr. Crowther, "Our hundreds of excellent books and products are held in high regard by the buying public; we have enjoyed our relationship with so many fine authors, as well as with the retail outlets that support our products. Cedar Fort helps us ensure that what we hold dear will continue to be cared for while allowing us to keep active in the book marketplace we've come to love and enjoy."
Cedar Fort Works with Pioneer Plus
In November of 2004 Cedar Fort was pleased to announce the addition of Pioneer Plus to its fine line of LDS products. Pioneer Plus has been in business for 32 years, being the original LDS jewelry and gift supplier for the industry, owned and operated so ably by David Krueger and his sons, Nick and Alex. Many gift companies have come and gone over the years, but Pioneer remained viable and strong, continuing to grow and adapt to their customer needs by providing quality products and service.
We at Cedar Fort are now committed to build on these decades of success by keeping long-time relationships in place throughout the years ahead.  We know you carefully choose what companies you will support. We stand ready to provide the products, marketing, service, and all other assistance needed as we develop a partnership of mutual success, together.
Because of it's sound reputation, name recognition, and strong tradition of service which has been established over the years, Pioneer Plus will operate as a separate division and retain the Pioneer Plus name.
Cedar Fort's Founder  
Lyle Mortimer was still in his teens when he discovered his singing voice had the ability to stir the emotions of others. Since that time he has loved and been involved in entertainment. He studied theater and music while in college where he was involved in many college and professional productions. A highlight was his work as understudy to James Shigeta in "The King and I." Lyle has now done 30 productions of "The King and I." Lyle has sung in nearly all the major civic and opera houses of the western states. He has continued studying and singing and is active with the Utah Lyric Opera Society.
Lyle believes involvement with the arts is a key element to a stable and productive life. "The arts are much cheaper than therapy," he says.
Lyle sees a bright future ahead for CFI and its authors. "I'm excited about what awaits us," Lyle says. "We have the best writers, we have the nicest employees, and we have the best customers. What else is there in business?" 

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