Monday, July 12, 2010

Just Add Water

Just Add Water has long been recognized as an excellent source for delicious, easily prepared recipes that use dehydrated foods. Its long-term popularity continues because it utilizes foods and recipes that families really like to eat, and because it adapts dehydrated food components into familiar and well-liked basic family meals. It’s brief and concise, but it tells homemakers the essential information they need.

Just Add Water includes information about the characteristics and advantages of dehydrated food and how to use it effectively, how to plan a year-long food storage program, and fifteen chapters of recipes that cover everything from preparing fruits and vegetables to making soaps.

Few books provide so much useable information so concisely as Just Add Water. It’s a book that rightfully deserves a place on every homemaker’s bookshelf and belongs in every kitchen.

Best-selling author Barbara Salsbury, a nationally recognized personal preparedness expert, is one of American's leading authorities on self-reliance. For more than twenty-five years, she has been teaching, researching, and developing practical preparedness solutions based on experience and in-depth research.
She has been an emergency preparedness consultant for several cities, including San Francisco. Currently she is a personal preparedness consultant for the city of Sandy, Utah.

Barbara is the author of two national newsletters and the producers of three videos. Her eight books include Just in Case, Just Add Water, Beating the High Cost of Eating, and It's Time to Plan, Not Panic.

She has lectured extensively and conducted many workshops and seminars for civic, professional, and church groups, including Education Week at Brigham Young University. She has had several weekly TV Programs on consumer affairs courses and has been a regular on a national cable television program
as a consumer specialist. She is a veteran of the national television and radio talk show circuit. 

Barbara is active in church and community. She and her husband, Larry, live in Sandy, Utah. They have two children and seven grandchildren.

“Cheesy” Noodle Ring
    1-8 oz. pkg. noodles, cooked
    1 c. shredded American cheese (or dry Cheddar)
    ½ c. soft breadcrumbs
    ¾ c dry milk + 1 ½ c. water
    1 Tb. dehydrated parsley flakes + 1/8 c. water
    ¼ c. egg solids + ½ c. and 1 Tb. Water, beaten (to equal 2 eggs)
    Salt and Pepper
    2 Tb. chopped pimiento
    2 Tb dehydrated celery + ¼ c. water

Reconstitute dehydrated products. Scald milk. Mix all ingredients well. Put into greased mold or ring. Put mold in a pan of water and bake 30-35 minutes at 350ยบ. Fill center with creamed tuna, chicken or beef. 6 Servings.

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